The Tickle Stone Trial
by George Byron

What is the secret of the rare and magical tickle stones?
Dreamers Delights dream shop is closed tonight because it is the scene of a crime. Bormore has never known anything like it, in all the time he has been...


George Byron

Line About the Author

Alfie actually lived in our house and was a family friend. Among his many exploits he was known to tell the odd tall tale. He had a very colourful imagination, and some varied interests that included the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI). He would recount all manner of big and small stories that he had collected along his travels. What would Alfie have done was a question often asked. This gave rise to a growing story line within the family, and this Trilogy is the culmination of that fantastical, nonsensical and imaginative answer.

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The Tickle Stone Trilogy is an imaginative dive into Aflie’s world with the help of Bormore, the Sleep Patrol and Sir Sleep Alot in the search for the master criminal of the Night Realm, Knightly Nightmare!

Written for children aged 9-12 and anyone looking to become immediately immersed in the incredible world that novelist George Byron has built. Visit the Star Stream, the Dream Space and even face the dreaded Judge James in Court all while meeting new, exciting and, often very odd, people Alfie and Bormore meet along the way!

The Tickle Stone Trilogy is available to read on any supported device via Kindle. Overarching over a range of genres, this work is perfect if you love mysteries, thrillers, fantasy worlds and everything in between.

Good evening Everybody. I hope you are having fun reading this children’s story about the adventures of Alfie in the Night Realm. This is a story like no other and takes place whilst you and I are asleep. Enjoy!