About George

George Byron can most often be found trying to balance a demanding day job in the NHS, a passionate obsession with sports and a love of writing the final instalment of the well-reviewed Tickle Stone Trilogy.

Born in beautiful Devon, Byron is currently living and writing in London and has been for many years.The day job has long been a distraction from the creative passion, but George has been learning to dedicate time to a range of things, especially writing, and that process has allowed for greater completion of this story. It is a challenge at times but good to know that perseverance pays off.

A genuine spirit of competition and the personal push for new achievements both personally and for society in general is something to cherish and aim for,which is why when you don’t see Byron with a pen in hand, you’ll see George watching any and all matches, games or competitions available. However, if George wants to finish the trilogy, sports will have to take a backseat…for now!

Though The Tickle Stones Trilogy is written for children, Byron’s unique style allows both young people and adults find a lot of fun and enjoyment through his work and the exciting new world he built. Byron’s work taps into childlike wonder without falling into feeling childish. Byron’s work can challenge and comfort while keeping you turning those pages.

In addition to Byron, The Tickle Stone Trilogy was helped into fruition by a well-known tale spinner George knew for many years and lived with in Exeter. This work is an exploration of what Alfie would do, how he would overcome adversarial situations and what he’s doing now. No matter where in the universe Alfie is, George is certain he’s still having adventure after adventure and there’s no more fitting tribute than this trilogy.

If you’re interested in being transported to a whole new world, filled with colourful characters, fantastical settings and imaginative storytelling, George Byron’s work is perfect for you and your family.